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Massage has many ways it is interpreted. Here is my view on massage and how it can help everyone in their own different way!

What is Massage? 

The definition of massage is "The rubbing and kneading of body muscles and joints with the hands, especially to relieve tension or pain" is one definition of massage. Massage, in my opinion, is much more than that! From my perspective, receiving a massage helps to unwind the mind in addition to the body's muscles. 


We can all agree that it can be difficult to unwind occasionally. Stress levels can rise due to work or personal obligations, making it more difficult to unwind! It may affect your body in a physical way. It can cause your shoulders to get quite stiff, which can lead to tension headaches and disrupt your sleep, which is a battle in and of itself. 


One of the best treatments you can provide your body to lessen these issues in these circumstances is a massage. Releasing the tension in your muscles will help you sleep better at night and lessen headaches caused by your muscles pulling down on your head.

It can be less invasive to reach the goals you, the client, wish to achieve from the therapy you need when multiple massage techniques are used to target different muscles in order to either reduce muscle tension or break down adhesions from previous injuries or surgeries. 

How often should I get a massage?

A weekly or monthly massage is something that some individuals get. Since every person is unique, it truly relies on your circumstances and what you and your therapist decide. You will most likely require frequent therapy sessions if your body is in a scenario that requires additional care. If all you're looking for is maintenance, you may find that extending the time between treatments is all you need or desire. 


Please feel free to mail me with any questions you may have if you're considering getting a massage but aren't sure if it will benefit you. 

Is massage for me?

Is massage for me? The plain and simple answer is… Yes! Massage is for everyone in some shape or form. Massage has many possibilities where it can help you improve your lifestyle in one way or another and it can have many different approaches it can be done as well. 



If you’re someone who plays a lot of sport, massage is for you…

If you suffer with chronic pain, massage is for you…

If you have restricted mobility, massage is for you…

If you’re pregnant or just had a baby, massage is for you…

If you’re someone else in with a situation I’ve not mentioned yet, then massage is probable for you too!


Once again, Massage is for everyone. 

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