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A Bit About Me 

Fresh out of the COVID-19 lockdown in July 2020 I was sat down with my uncle having a general conversation about potential career paths that I could follow. I've been around the gym environment from a young age, my dad opened a CrossFit gym in 2010 when I was 9 years old so I have always been interested in health and fitness.  He asked “what about massage therapy?” … that’s where the idea of being a massage therapist grew.


I started talking to some fellow members who had therapy businesses and that inspired me to pursue massage therapy as a career.  Being around the gym environment for so many years I understand how exercise can be quite taxing to the body and the thought of being able to help people through massage was my calling.  In December 2020 I completed the introductory massage course at the London School of Sports Massage and my journey began.  

I started at the London school of sports massage in a level 5 diploma where it was in an open university course for a year. I will admit, it was tough year, working full time in a coffee shop, trying to get all of the assignments and case studies completed and practical massage practice done at the same time. With time, perseverance and patience, I finally qualified as a BTEC level 5 soft tissue therapist. 

My Approach

My approach to massage is to make anyone who walks through my doors remain healthy or get them back to a healthy state. If that may be in your day-to-day activities that you might struggle with, if an event is coming up that you might want a pre and post massage for or just a general tidy up over any muscles that feel tight. 

To progress and broaden my knowledge, I will be completing different massage courses such as Myofasical cupping, Kinesiology Tapping, Pregnancey Massage and more!

My massage room


Here are the services offered at Ellie Millings Massage Therapy. Have a read of what they entail!

Shoulder Massage

Soft Tissue


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